About us

Hyina Express is a drone company dedicated to increasing the efficiency of health institutions in Africa.

Our Mission and Vision

Hyina Express's mission is to offer health beneficiaries in Africa the best medical packages` mobility service in the region. We are committed to providing our services with quality and value that our clients expect. Hyina Express will use its strategy, staff, and systems to provide health institutions with a seamless three-part customer experience -- service product (efficient mobility systems), service environment (eco-friendly), and service delivery (affordable) -- each part of which will meet or exceed our users' expectations.

Our vision is to provide the African continent with aerial mobility solutions in the health sector, with the capacity to deliver medical packages and all types of pharmaceutical supplies in less than 15 minutes of request, streamlining deliveries in urban environments congested with traffic and rural communities with limited road infrastructure.

Our values

Our values are critical to our success. They are the strong foundation of Hyina Express, define who we are, and set us apart from our competitors. They underlie our vision for the future. These values include:

Company Summary

Hyina Express is a drone project dedicated to increasing the efficiency of health institutions in Africa. Hyina Express has been formed as an East African-based Partnership Company. (P.C) Located in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. Hyina Express is working hard to become the leading provider of efficient & affordable aerial mobility systems for the medical industry as well as help all beneficiaries of the health sector receive timely medical support. Hyina Express is a humble pioneer of autonomous green delivery mechanisms that use electric unmanned aerial vehicles to deliver emergency and non-emergency medical supplies in rural communities with limited road infrastructure and major cities like Dar Es Salaam with excess road traffic congestion. The company will serve more than 250 health institutions in Tanzania, with over 30,000 beneficiaries per a drone station of Hyina Express. The company's location is intended to be very favorable, providing high access to health institutions.