Understanding the community

More than one billion people around the world lack adequate access to essential medical products, such as blood, vaccines, simple drugs, and medical equipments due to traffic congestion, challenging terrain, and gaps in infrastructure.

Using a technological approach

We utilize a green technology mechanism that uses electric Unmanned Aerial systems and AI powered computer algorithms to deliver emergency and non-emergency medical supplies in rural communities with limited road infrastructure; and major cities with excess road traffic congestions.

Serving the Community

We virtually decentralize supply and provide on-demand deliveries, completely reducing waste and stock-outs. We provide a seamless delivery system at an affordable price, obsessing over every detail, so you can focus on the patients' health.

Our services

We are able to combine our products and services to create a life saving package

Delivary of medical supplies

We deliver Blood Units, Vaccines, Pharmaceuticals, Small medical equipment, laboratory test samples and many more; all beyond physical boundaries and barriers.

Health and community building

Our medical programs, and services are extended to public health institutions, Private Health institutions, Refugee camps and all rural based health centers.

Internet road based network

We are using advanced algorithms to build an internet road based network in space to help eleviate issues of transport infrastructure across the African continent.

Our Expected 5-Year Impact


Deliveries made


Jobs created cross africa


Partnering health institutions


African Countries

Awards and Recognitions

The excellence prize - First place

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Global Student Entrepreneur Awards

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Startup Chile

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